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About the Instructor

Dylan Israel

Senior Software Engineer, Mentor, Author, & Content Creator

Dylan is a self taught software developer, author, and YouTube Content creator. He posts videos weekly discussing software and web development topics crucial to his field. He has a passion for motivating others through software and hopes to not only educate but help others improve their own personal situation with software as he did himself. 

What Others are Saying

"I've been following Dylan for a while now. He's a wealth of knowledge and has an ability to keep you motivated. This course is very informative and shines a light on areas you might need to work on. If you just record 1 question a day, it will take your interview prep to the next level. Well done sir!"

- Jonas Walden

I've always had a problem with algorithms... This course helped me improve my understanding of javascript and typescript greatly and is a very good choice for those who need help passing white-boarding interviews for their first junior or even mid- or senior-level dev job. Well done!”

- Ian Baylis